Ready to Play in our Adult Recreational Social Sports Leagues? Looking for a laid back, social environment that’s open to all levels of play?  Try us.

Ready to Relax, Laugh and Socialize with Us?


Play Sports.

We have over 35,000 members throughout New England in our Adult Recreational Sports Leagues, and we are the region’s fastest growing sports and social club. We offer Adult Recreational Social Sports League with 6 and 8 week sessions throughout the year. With over 20 different kinds of adult co-ed recreational sports, whether you played in college or you’ve never even seen a kickball before, we have the league for you.

Meet People.

New to the area? Looking to network, meet some new friends or maybe find that special someone? Whether you’re joining with an entire team, a group of friends or as an individual, we can place you in our Adult Recreational Sports Leagues. In addition to our Adult Recreational Social Sports leagues, we offer tournaments and social events throughout the year. Stop sitting at home lamenting the bar scene – join us!

Have Fun!

We’re more than just an Adult Recreational Sports League. We know that meeting people, laughing and making awesome memories is way more important than the score of that game you played three seasons ago. We specialize in laid back and social, so come join in the fun with us, and see what the buzz is about. You won’t be disappointed in our Adult Recreational Social Sports leagues.

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I’ve met some of my closest friends participating in the fun and competitive leagues and always look forward to hanging with everyone after the games!


I’d been wanting to try a new sport and meet new people, but was a little intimidated. My Social Sports made it easy! The people are all so friendly and welcoming.


I have met an amazing group of friends through My Social Sports and the bowling league always gets me looking forward to Mondays!


I look forward to games each week, and My Social Sports Leagues are the best way to meet new people in your city. You just can’t beat the social aspect after the games!


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