Employment and Internships

Want to work with us? We want that too. We are actively taking resumes and e-mails for the following:

Internships. Earn college credit while doing something you love. Email havefun@mysocialsports.com for details.

Referees and Field Managers. Do you love sports? Are you friendly and work well with people? Do you have the ability to take charge when needed? Referees score and officiate our games and our Field Managers are responsible for bringing equipment to and preparing athletic fields and facilities for play, working with players and officials to ensure games run smoothly, and being available during games to handle any issues that might arise. It’s the perfect part-time job: work weeknights and weekends. Days and times vary according to game schedules. Interested? E-mail us at havefun@mysocialsports.com

League Managers. We’re looking for people to serve as league managers throughout New England and in the greater New York City/Jersey City areas. Do you have a knack for organization, a passion for sports, and know a lot of people in your area? Our league managers make significant commission off of leagues they organize and run in their home and surrounding towns. Make money while playing sports with your friends! E-mail us at havefun@mysocialsports.com for details.