Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our sports league questions can be answered by reading our player handbook. We recognize that some days you just can’t adult, and for that, we’ve got our ten most frequently asked questions right here for you.

I missed the registration deadline. Can I still sign up?

Yes. Information about late registration can be found here. To find the registration link for a particular sports league, sign into your profile and click on the sports league that you are interested in. Sports leagues accepting late registrants will be listed under ‘Currently Playing/Late Registration’

Can I play if I don't know anyone and/or I don't have a full team?

Absolutely!  It’s never too late to make new friends. Put your stranger danger on snooze and click here for information about individual, small group and team registration.

Why are there minimum roster sizes? Can't I play volleyball with three people? (We're really good).

Minimum roster sizes protect teams against unexpected absences and forfeits. As a general rule, our roster minimums are the number of people on a court or field at any given time, plus 4. For more information on our sports league rosters, click here.

Can I be your Intern/Employee/all around MVP?

We want that too. We are always working with local colleges to corrupt their interns, and we are nearly always hiring field managers and referees for our sports leagues. Just e-mail us at with a bit about you and what sports you’ve played. Remember, we’re one thousand times more likely to hire you if you make us laugh. It’s science.

What's your refund policy?

We’re not playing games here (except when we are literally playing games). If we cancel a league, we will issue you a full refund. If you withdraw from a league, you have your choice of a full refund or credits for a future league provided that the request is received prior to the registration deadline. If you request to withdraw from a league after the registration deadline but before the first game, you are eligible for a refund or credit of 50% of league fees paid. We are unable to issue any refunds after the first game. We do not refund late fees. In some cases, we may need to delay the start of the league. We reserve the right to delay league starts, and will incorporate all planned games into the revised schedule to the best of our ability. Delayed season starts are not grounds for a refund. In the case of excessive cancelled games due to weather, or any other circumstances causing a reduction in the number of games played, there will be no refund or credit for games not played. MSS reserves the right to host games on days other than a normal day of regular season play, and at alternate times and locations from those originally designated if necessary. No refunds shall be provided under these circumstances. No refunds shall be issued for tournaments or special events. Refunds are processed on the first day of the month after a player requests a refund.

My local NFL team has a bye this week. Can their running back sub in on my flag football team?

Clever. The short answer is maybe. Here is our policy on using subs (as in people who play with you but are not rostered, not tasty sandwiches – you can use those any way you’d like).

My ref made a bad call and it cost us the game. Can we replay it?

We take referees very seriously. So seriously in fact that that we’re not even going to joke about it. We offer quarterly referee trainings and we value player input on referees and rules. While we are unable to change scores or replay a game due to an unfavorable call, we can take steps to prevent issues in the future. Just email us at with as much information as possible about your concerns, and we will get on a solution right away.

When do I get my shirt? Can I customize it? Can I give it back? Can I tie up a bad referee with it?

In most cases you get your shirt at the preseason party. All other shirt questions are answered here.

I have never played sports before. Can I still sign up?

Yes. Our sports leagues are for everyone – from beginners to former college athletes, we try to provide a wide range of levels of play along with a fun social element that allows players to meet new people and have a great time doing it.

Do you offer a frequent player discount?

We do! We have a frequent player cards available at all of our pre-season parties. Grab a signature every time you attend one. After 10 signatures, you can play a league for free!