NH Adult Social Sports Leagues

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My Social Sports was founded in the State of New Hampshire in 2006 (specifically in Manchester, NH), by a couple of 20-somethings looking to get out, meet some new people and have fun playing sports in a social setting and we’ve been having a blast playing adult recreational sports ever since! We offer over twenty different NH Adult Social Sports Leagues in cities and towns like Manchester, Nashua, Merrimack, Concord, Dover and Portsmouth.

Some of the NH Adult Social Sports Leagues that we offer include Backyard Games and Cornhole, Basketball, Bowling, Dodgeball, Ball Hockey, Kickball, Soccer, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Tournaments, Social Events and More! Our NH Adult Social Sports Leagues have been the backdrop for friendships, business partnerships, networking, dating, proposals and even marriages!  We don’t just play NH Adult Social Sports, we meet up at the sponsor bars after the games and enjoy discounts on drinks and food while socializing together as teammates and friends.

Whether you played sports in high school or college or whether this is the first time you’ve ever set foot on a field, we’ve got the sport for you. Why not give one of our leagues a try today? You can register for our adult recreational and semi-competitive sports leagues as an individual, a group of friends, or an entire team. We will make sure that you stay with your friends on the same team, and if you’re a free agent, we’ll be happy to place you. 35% of our players come in as individuals and we love connecting you to cool new people.

Work locally? Why not enter a company team? Full teams that prepay the team registration fee get 10% off, and besides, who doesn’t want to blow off some workweek steam by playing Kickball or one of our other sports. Play Sports. Meet People. Have Fun with us in New Hampshire! We’re all about the fun, and we can’t wait for you to join on in!