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Sure, you could go to another young professional event, or an after-work networking dating site 8-minute mixer (we’re bored just typing all of that), but wouldn’t you rather just have FUN in a chill atmosphere with some cool peeps? We know we would, which is exactly why some crazy kids who were totally over the networking/dating/awkward run-in scene created this club in the first place.

Look, if things are gonna get awkward, at least let it involve a dodgeball or kickball or something.  But heck, even if sports are absolutely not your thing, it’s really not what we’re all about anyway.

At My Social Sports, our adult recreational social sports leagues are really about the FUN. And the meeting people who also like FUN. So after our games, we head down to a local sponsor bar for discounts on food and drink. We also host a lot of single-day events to get a feel for the league and just have a good time . . .

. . . like glow sports. Because as Albert Einstein once said, things are like ten million times cooler when they glow in the dark. We’re paraphrasing here, but we think you get the point, and also, what are you waiting for??


Ready for some FUN?  Come see what we’re offering in your area and then get on that registration. Because no one ever said, “I really wish I had less fun this year.” *

*it’s possible someone once said that, but for sure they do not play in our leagues.

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